All paths lead to Chaos

All aboard the 'Lupine D'mour'

a mistaken identity cathes up with Elysium..

  • In the Boatman’s Inn the unexpected party meet Quilly a ‘Wizard from the College of Magic’…?
  • A group of young nobles seek unsporting fun in the Inn – and the party are part of it!
  • Max “Wot-you-looking-at” Ernst, sees a way to make a few gold crowns out of Dorian’s face
  • The next morning two of the nobles are found dead. The party are blamed and are now wanted.
  • The two Chaos cultists killed by Herr Adolphus had a symbol of Zymos on them Elsyium discovers
  • The party have to leave town and Quilly too. Tawny, associate of Gilan finds them a safe place..
  • Dorian’s newly aquired ship the ‘Lupine D’mour’ has had many owners – because it is haunted!
  • Nethertheless the ship is taken to the ‘safe-house’, the Halfing owned ‘Tides-Inn’
  • Unknown Adolphus has crept on board and now plans to ambush the party – seeking Elysium
  • The Tides-Inn is set on fire and Tarry is tied up
  • Adolphus attacks along with some local thugs who end up meeting a watery end
  • Adolphus – thinking Elysium to be someone else nearly kills him but for his magic
  • Tarry kills Adolphus in revenge for his burnt Inn but ends up suffering an horrid death
  • Aboard the ‘Lupine D’mour’ Dorian follows his Star Gem to Nothern Albion and finds a White Tower



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