All paths lead to Chaos

The adventure begins

An alternative WFRP

Firsty some of the events that may come to pass may be familiar – and that is because this is an alternative vision of the WFRP campaign the ‘Enemy Within’.

  • Durgarth and Elysium meet
  • Durgarth seeks transport to Albion to find his family
  • Elysium also seeks transport to Albion
  • The coach they are travelling on is attacked by a band of mutants
  • A Reiklander actor is poisoned by the attack
  • The coach is broken and needs repair – Durgarth and Elysium find themslves at the “Coach and Horses Inn”


To start off we ran a brief introduction with Durgarthand Elysium as a welcome to this alternative Warhammer World and the LoA ruleset. The introduction for this was taken from the ‘Night of Blood’ adventure found in the ‘The Restless Dead’ itself taken from an old ‘White Dwarf’ article – although this was adapted and shortened.



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