Gods and entities


Below are listed the gods and supernatural beings of the World. In the main they are adapted from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay but with different names and origins. Some too either no longer exist or are changed beyond recognition.

For any character wishing to worship and gain power from any supernatural being then they need only devout one single skill slot to a given deity. For example say Oldwin Shirestock worships Lyfan, a Saint of Aelinges then he would simply write “Lyfan” as one of his skills. This would then be used each time Oldwin tried to use Lyfan’s power. Under each deity there is a list of permitted and disallowed powers representing their given areas of influence.

Aelinges – The Great and the Good

Old Faith Spirits

The Chaos Entities

The Dead and Forgotten Beings of Law

The Others

The Races and Religion

Gods and entities

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