Magic in the World


Magic is divided into different Colleges of Magic; that is the Empire Colleges of Magic. Outside of these colleges, magic is dimly viewed and untrusted. Indeed even magic-users of the colleges hold an aura of respect – although gained through fear of what power they wield.

It is said that these colleges were formed when an ancient High-Elf visted the Empire in its early days and taught man how to control some aspects of magic. Indeed after this visit the ancient Elves then went to their end with their costly – yet world saving battle against the forces of Chaos.

Each college or school of magic grants access to all powers listed within it. A character need only assign one skill slot to use the power-skills and the spells therein.

Divisions of magic
Colleges of Magic

Alu |Water |Elemental – Water|Weather(Water related)|Transmutation(Water)|Water Elementalist|
Arda |Earth |Elemental – Earth|Terakinesis|Transmutation (Earth)| Earth Elementalist|
Khelek |Cold |Elemental – Cold |Weather (Cold related)|Transmutation (Cold)|Ice Elementalist
Nau |Fire |Elemental – Fire |Transmutation (Fire)|Fire Elementalist
Vilya |Air |Elemental – Air |Weather (Air related)|Transmutation (Air)|Air Elementalist
Malda |Alchemy | Alchemy | Alchemists
Kuila |Protection | Warding |Death (Repel)|Life (Repel)|Creatures (Repel)|Enchanters
Loomin |Light & Shadow| Glamour |Illusionists
Osanwe |Mind | Telekineses |Domination (Mind)| Mystics
Dagor |Battle| War |Elemental: Lightning (Minor)|Warding| Warlock

Other Magic Users and Outlawed Magic

Rauko |Demons | Dimensions (Daemonic) |Domination| Demonologist
Ayha |Chaos | Transmutaion |Elemental: Chaos| Sorcerer

Guina |Undead | Death | Domination|Necromancer

Wild Magic
- |Wild Magic| Wild Magic |Glamour, Fate, Domination (Minor)|Hedge Magician

- |Astral| Time|Divination|Druid
(N.B. Drudic magic is almost secret to all, and not something that even Aelinges Witch-hunters know about)

Magic in the World

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