PC Races


I used the original WFRP 1st Edition as inspiration for the avialable races for the players but added a few twists. In the original players could choose Human, Wood Elf, Dwarf and Halfling. In my version I went with Human, Sea Elf, Dwarf, Halfling and Ogre. The Sea Elves are much like the Sea Elves described in the original except they are the children of the High Elves left on the shores of human civilsation long, long ago – they are very human in their outlook, though long-lived – ageless with an almost ‘peter-pan’ outlook. Ogres are very different however. Ogres are more similar to Neanderthals – a seperate race of Humans, adapted to the cold waste lands bigger and stronger though no less intelligent. Dwarves and Halflings I left as imagined though there is much social class added to all the different races with a marked different between those from urban and rural areas.

Here are the statistics used for the LoA game system…

Humans choose from the following backgrounds:

Players must choose one of the following Aspects if they are non-human, either urban or rural backgrounds:

Sea Elf of…
Forest Elf* of…
Far Dwarf of…
Tor Dwarf of…
Borough Halfling of..
Shire Halfling of..
Urbane Ogre of…
Bleak Ogre* of…

*Forest Elf and Bleak Ogre are rare PC choices and indeed NPC characters.






PC Races

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